Save the Hojack Swing Bridge News Update: 01/020/04

Not much as been happening but the bridge is still there—and will be when the Ferry begins to operate in April or May so that is very good news! We are trying to arrange to put lights on the bridge and banners that say "Welcome to Rochester" but so far have not had much of a response from the city of Rochester—they said it was a good idea but would not, or could, not help. And CSX does not reply at all. But we just began that effort so it might work out.

The Coast Guard has suspended its demand that CSX demolish the bridge as long as Christopher Burns project, the Rochester Trolley & Rail Corporation, is making progress toward using the bridge for a trolley to link Charlotte with Sea Breeze and High Falls and ultimately the rest of Rochester. We don't know how long that suspension will last and are not taking anything for granted but there is no immediate threat of demolition.

Today—Christopher Burns and I were interviewed in front of the Swing Bridge this afternoon—it was cold, windy and snowing—about our efforts to save the bridge and what it will be used for in the future. It will be on R-News, the Time Warner Channel—perhaps at 6:00 and several other times for about 12 hours—as they run news. I don't have cable so won't see it unless there is an Internet access that I may look for.

Christopher and I both think the interviews went well so hope for something positive.

After the outdoor interviews we went to the LDR Char Pit to warm up and talked to the owner—Ray Palumbo (I think) who is a supporter of the bridge. I left a stack of the "Help Save the Hojack Swing Bridge" cards there. I've reprinted them so they are available if you have places to distribute them. Call me to get them.

And I received a letter today from our new county executive, Maggie Brooks, suggesting a meeting to discuss the bridge. So while nothing is going on—there is a lot of activity and for now the future is promising.

Richard Margolis
The Bridge Project
250 North Goodman Street #4-9
Rochester NY, 14607 USA

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