Bridges often appear in news stories, scenes in movies, backgrounds for Advertisements, titles of books, and recently locations for bungee jumping. They do far more than just help us cross the creek.

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Richard Margolis
The Bridge Project
250 N. Goodman Street, Studio #4-9
Rochester, New York 14607 USA

Bridges are important in our culture. They provide connections to almost every aspect of our society, from civil rights - James Meridith was clubbed by an Alabama State Trooper on the Edmund Pettis Bridge 30 years ago - to prisoner exchanges during wartime - remember the Korean War and the prisoners returned across heavily guarded bridges, usually at night in the fog - to the location for weddings.

I am collecting 1st person accounts, photographs, anecdotes, horror stories, and photographs of people with their favorite bridge - whatever contributes to a greater appreciation of bridges. I am planning to assemble this material into a book.

You can find more information by sending an email to info@TheBridgeProject.com

Submission Guidelines

I am collecting material for a book about bridges that will demonstrate how important bridges are to all of us. There are already books that describe the history, technology, engineering, construction, and statistics of bridges. This book will present personal experiences, combined with photographs assembled in "features" that will present each contributors work as a chapter or unit.

I am hoping that each page will be a surprise and delight, and that the various features play off each other in an interesting way to emphasize how many contributions bridges make to our lives and to our culture. I do not want to fit all material into a standard mold, but am going to let the design be dictated by the submissions. Make your story personal. Describe what it is like to walk across a suspension bridge - if that is what you do, or describe your fear of bridges - if that is your experience. Share that experience. What was the weather like? Who else was there? How did you prepare? Why did you do it? What happened next? And if possible send pictures that illustrate your story.

At this point there is no budget and no sponsor but it seems like a good idea to me, and I think that it will eventually be published. I am going to submit proposals as soon as I have enough material, and I will keep you informed about the progress.

Some of the topics that I have include:

  • Bungee jumping from a bridge in New Zeland.
  • Volunteers leading an effort to build a bridge across a treacherous ravine in Haiti.
  • Daily notes from bridge inspectors as they test bridges for stress.
  • A family avoids a bridge tragedy because a child is too sick to travel.
  • “Pontists” visit bridges and collect experiences they share.
  • American WWll veteran describes building bridges in Germany under difficult conditions.
  • Civil Rights marchers encountered Alabama State Troopers on the Edmund Pettis Bridge in 1965, and organized a memorial march 30 years later.
  • and lots of others.

Submit from one to ten pages of text, typed or on a disk if possible, or sent via email. Photographs can be of any kind but quality is important. If you can provide negatives I will have prints made and return the negatives. B&W or color, prints or slides are fine. Please let me know if you want them returned or if they can be kept pending publication.

I am still looking for new ideas and new leads. Please send suggestions, or forward this to friends who might be interested.

You can reach me via e-mail at

Richard Margolis
The Bridge Project
250 N. Goodman Street, Studio #4-9
Rochester, New York 14607 USA